Like all sport and everything we do in life, there is always a starting point. Fundamentals is our starting point at Impact. It is about letting yourself be a beginner, learning and having an open mind to diversity in training.

We begin by teaching the basics of functional movement. We make sure you are moving correctly and safely before touching on the more technical elements. You will learn about power and speed under the bar as we teach one of the two Olympic Lifts (The Clean & Jerk). These sessions are small group (3-4 people), cost is $65 and they run approximately 1.5hours. Fundamentals cannot be booked via the App.


If you are interested in getting started, please register your details below, hit SUBMIT and we will notify you when the next Fundamentals session is scheduled.

*Please note - Fundamentals is our pre-requisite before attending a Strength, Conditioning and/or Thunder Buddies class. However, CrossFit Lite are our ONLY classes that do not require a Fundamentals pre-requisite.

Remember you do not need to be an athlete to try this sport. All fitness levels are welcome.

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Scaling is not just an option for people without the skill. Scaling is an incredible option to increase intensity, without fatigue-based degradation of a skill
— Coach Tony CrossFit Gymnastics